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Pi kW Power delivered to laser minus reflected power from laser.
(Power to laser) = P More ...
Pr^ kW This is the reflected power coming back from the laser.
Ua1 kV This is the high voltage value.
Ig1 mA Grid Current
Ug1 V Grid Voltage
Ib1 A Current on the preamp side of the drive stage
Ib5 A Current on the output side of the driver stage
Ia1 mA Anode current flowing through RF tube.
Current X High Voltage approximately (P More ...
Q 1 l/min F1 water flow driver stage circuit?
Faults if below 11 l/min
Q 2 l/min F2 water flow RF tube circuit?
Faults if below 11 l/min
needs to be around 18- More ...