Office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM to 4:00PM CST
Shipping Orders must be in by 3:30 PM CST
The core is the defective part you need to have replaced. We require a core on most parts sold.
Here is how to handle your core return:
  • The part must be returned within 5 business days.
  • Please include a tag or sheet with all known issues, faults, and errors the core is experiencing.
  • All cores should be in good shape and be returned in the original packaging.
  • The core should have no missing parts and must be repairable. This includes connectors, memory cards, screws, etc. In addition, there should be no visible damage or markings on the part body.
  • Customers attempting to repair, or exchange parts between units without permission will receive a prorated core return depending on damage.
  •  Any damaged or irreparable unit will not receive a core credit.
  • Any customer knowingly swapping parts will be banned from future sales.
  • We will remove the core charge from your account once the core has been inspected and deemed repairable.
The part must meet the above specifications, in order to get a full core credit reimbursement.
Most parts are warranted for 90 days unless otherwise noted.
Some parts carry a 1 year warranty.
The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.
We will not honor the warranty if the customer is responsible for damage to the part, IE bad A/C (overheating), disassembly of part, and / or removed warranty stickers.
We only offer free phone support to customers who purchase a part, or schedule a Preventive Maintenance visit from us. If they need help installing a part or troubleshooting a machine issue, we can only offer free telephone service for a limited time period. Anything over 45 minutes phone time, or 3-4 calls to us, will lead to the customer issuing LRS a PO for remote service. Thank you for your understanding.
Remote service labor rates via the internet using Teamviewer for less than 1 hour is $200. For more than 2 hours the cost is $400 (maximum fee). The first remote service is a minimum of $400, due to remote software installation.Phone support is a minimum of $200 per hour, no maximum.
Our service rates are $140.00 an hour with a 4 hour minimum for all Tier 2 customers.  Travel rates are $60.00 an hour plus $0.54 per mile and all travel costs. IE hotel, perdiem, tolls, airfare, rental car.

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